Hi friend, I'm Anne.

pour yourself a drink. let's get to know each other.

Pen and ink illustration of a wine bottle
Pen and ink wine glass illustration

I'm a college dropout.

I walked away from a full academic scholarship after one semester because I freakin' hated university. (Years later, I was diagnosed with ADHD. Pretty sure that had a lot to do with my collegiate frustrations.) I thrived, however, in a portfolio school where I learned by DOING—all day, every day. When I graduated with a top 10 portfolio and moved to NYC, my parents finally had hope that I'd be a contributing member of society, after all.

i'm a photographer

For 14 years, I owned a cozy little photography business in Atlanta, telling visual stories of families, lovers, creatives, makers, and doers. Some of my favorite humans first entered my life as photography clients, and they're still influencing me today.

i'm an empath

Not to pathologize my own personality, but honestly: doesn't it feel great to have language to describe exactly how you feel and why you feel it? And the better we know ourselves, the more grace we can give others as they figure out their own weird and wonderful humanity.

Some of my favorite stories are my own.

Find them here...