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⬅️ Left: bare face
➡️ Right: wearing MISSHA BB Cream
**both photos are straight-out-of-camera, no filters or retouching**
My favorite BB Cream is 50% OFF through Cyber Monday at!
I buy the:
MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++ in #21 (Light Beige)
Right now, the 50ml tube is only $11, or the 20ml tube is only $4.50! You have no excuse not to try it!
I also successfully used coupon code:
for an extra 10% off!
My skin:
• 40 years old
• mild rosacea
• very dry T-zone w/ larger pores
• sensitive
Lemme know if you decide to give it a go. I’d love to hear what you think!
As always, I don’t get anything for this recommendation. I just share what I love!
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This shelf is full of stories.
They are not color-coordinated or themed. They aren’t flawless or organized.
They are ours.
The little camera belonged to my Grandpa. He won it for being the top salesman. Vacuum tubes. Like folks did back before the internet.
I love keeping these stories out in the open. Their energies comfort me when I don’t even realize I need comfort. They float through our home like sweet potpourri. I wear them like fragrant cologne.

Cheese toast with avocado slices YES LORD.
**This is a super-detailed non-recipe for a totally delish ADHD snack or meal **
I do something a little *extra* with my cheese toast that makes it super crispy and amazing. LOOK:

1️⃣ Butter both sides of a slide of bread (y’all know @daveskillerbread is my go-to)
2️⃣ Cover one side with sharp cheddar slices
3️⃣ Place the bread cheese-side UP in a skillet set on medium-low
4️⃣ When the cheese is melty, FLIP the bread over and pan-fry it cheese-side DOWN
5️⃣ Gently push at the bread with your spatula. If it slides easily in the pan, carefully use tongs or your fingers to pick it up from one edge
6️⃣ Flop it cheese-side UP on a plate, add avocado slices, and EAT!
**This is as advanced as my cooking gets.** 🤣
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📌 ADHD RECIPE: Does it look like slime? Yes. Does it taste like magic in a jar? YUP!
🥬 Takes 3 minutes to make, from when you walk into the kitchen to when you put the washed blender pitcher in the dish drain!
🍌 ADHD meds can mess up your digestive system, but this fiber gets the tummy back on track—NO SUGAR ADDED!
🍍 This rainbow of food is SO good for your brain! And it helps ADHD meds work better, too!
🍑 This is my #1 favorite way to get fruits and veggies into my diet first thing in the morning—and there’s no yogurt, no powdery packets... Just delicious fruit and veg.
🥬 My health foodie sis @katieabarr showed me how to make this scrumptious smoothie, and I’m hooked. (Kids who don’t typically like veggies will be hooked, too!)
➡️ Here’s how to do it:
❤️ 1-2 cups of frozen pineapple chunks
❤️ 1 cup of frozen mango chunks
❤️ ½ - 1 ripe banana
❤️ 1 cup of baby spinach
❤️ 1 cup of water
(These are loose measurements. You really can’t mess this up!)
Dump the ingredients into your Vitamix or Ninja or Target blender or whatever juicer you have, and BLEND until everything is whipped to frothy, frozen perfection. If any fruit chunks get hung up on the blade, just stop the motor for a moment and shake everything around before restarting.
❓Still too chunky? Add more water!
❓Not frozen enough? Add more frozen fruit or a handful of ice.
❓Not sweet enough? Add more mango and/or ripe banana.
✴️ This makes about 16-24oz of smoothie!
I also like to add a handful of carrots, pieces of broccoli, some sliced cucumber... you can add just about any veggies and they’ll blend right in, hidden by the fruit flavors!
❌ Beware that if you add blueberries or strawberries, your smoothie will turn a funky brown color. It will still taste great, but you may be turned off by the color. It’s nasty looking. 😂
🌈 Happy healthy-ing!

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#GovIssuedHusband wore this boutonnière to his dad’s funeral in January. It’s hard to believe Bud has been gone for nearly a year.
Many of you know that my father-in-law lost his life to COVID on January 2nd. It was fast and devastating. We said goodbye over the phone. It was the kind of goodbye you can never prepare for, if the harsh thud of death can ever truly be prepared for at all.
I believe in keeping small mementos, like this one, out and visible and nearby. Photos are grand, but I like the subtlety of this reminder. The story hidden behind the Thing. It’s a silent message to each of us who walk past, a gentle connection to the ones who have crossed over.
I bought this vintage typeset tray to hang on the wall and display tiny things. But it didn’t want to be filled with knickknacks. It wanted a bigger purpose.
I think it feels fulfilled this way.
How do you honor the departed? What do your altars look like?

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Happy Monday, friends! 🙋🏻‍♀️ Who else uses CBD for pain or anxiety?
I’m a green cardholder in my current home state of Maryland, so I’m fortunate to have access to THC products, too. But 100% CBD is a seriously awesome *natural* stress reducer. (CBD alone doesn’t help my migraine or trigeminal neuralgia pain, but some folks say it’s effective for milder pain conditions.)
For me, gummies with only 3-5mg of CBD don’t do anything for *anything.* But these 25mg CBD gummies from @wyld_cbd are terrific! About an hour after eating one, I feel calm and at ease—like I’ve had a warm cup of (caffeine-free) tea. They taste DELISH, and they don’t contain addictive properties like Xanax. (I’m all for taking whatever you need for anxiety! But some medications simply can’t be used frequently without risk, ya know?)
For pain (like, seriously AWFUL pain), I prefer a 2:1 blend of CBD + THC.
My go-to pain gummies are from @iloveincredibles. Each tangerine gummy rocks a fantastic balance of 20mg of CBD + 10mg of THC. I cut them in half, which, for me, ensures pain relief without getting full-on stoned. #nojudgement
I also like the Indica-based 2:1 gummies from @encoreedibles—great for nighttime pain!
Do you live in a state with legal cannabis? How has it helped you? Needless to say, I’m a passionate advocate of the green!
#cannabiscommunity #cannabisculture

Happy Christmas afternoon to me! ...

In case you weren’t sure of the season, here’s Jerome, Arizona, to remind that IT’S CHRISTMASTIME. #annesimoneloves #gobedo #jeromeaz ...

We found Santa at the Minneapolis airport! 🎅🏼 • @delta #jetset #annesimoneloves ...