I write true stories for people & brands.

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Creative Startups &

Woman-Led Businesses

Owning your own business is hard AF—and it's so, so, SO worth it. Get insights from experienced entrepreneurs, explore what it means to lead with empathy, and learn to build a bold and beautiful business that's anything but corporate.

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stories about

Mental Health &

Surviving Life

Mental health is about more than mental illness. It's the ever-present necessity of self-care and what that actually means in day-to-day life. CW: essay themes include anxiety and depression, escaping abuse, healing after sexual assault, and developing healthy strategies for coping and thriving.

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features on

Incredible Brands

You'll Seriously Adore

If I haven't (or wouldn't) spent my own money with a brand, I don't write about them. This series features products and services that improve the lives of real people; companies who actively care for their communities; and leaders who think bigger than the bottom line. 

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I write keyword-fueled content that's fun, honest, and seriously shareable. Expand your reach and build major brand loyalty with online articles that stand out from the crowd. No robot-writers here!

Website copy that resonates with your audience (& their wallets!)

The right words help turn window tire kickers into clients. I'll craft comprehensive website review and rewrite that supports your goals for growth and speaks directly to your ideal market.

Proofreading & editing

Before you publish that novel or submit that paper, send it my way. I'll polish it to your desired level, from basic proofing to in-depth editing.