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I write true stories for people and brands.

"Great content, from marketing copy to brand storytelling. Anne's work connects at an emotional level."

—rachel lacour niesen  •  CHIEF PRODUCT OFFICER  •  FOREGROUND.CO

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Hello there, Friend! 

I'm Anne Simone, a story-obsessed content writer, brand blogger, social media creator, copywriter, ghostwriter, and essayist.

I write B2B and B2C copy, content, and interview-based articles for progressive companies, sustainable brands, creative startups, and artist entrepreneurs.

I love my work, and I'd love to work with YOU!


Red illustration of a typewriter. This icon represents content writing, website copy, editorial creation, and other forms of written content.

Build Brand Awareness

I write smart, SEO-fueled, soul-filled, snark-sprinkled content for digital and print. Let's give your audience a reason to connect!

A red illustrated megaphone represents brand voice and tone-of-voice, which Anne Simone can define for businesses seeking to build brand awareness.

Find Your Brand Voice

I'm adept at leveraging brand personality and defining tone-of-voice guidelines. Let's uncover your brand's authentic awesomeness!

This red illustration of a brain with "idea bolts" of lightning represents the thoughtful collaboration necessary to achieve great content.

Create & Collaborate

I embrace actionable strategies that push creative boundaries and enhance the client experience. Let's brainstorm together!

Content Writing & Case Studies

brands • businesses • content creators

4 Ghostwriting Examples for CEOs & Brands
5 Content Marketing Examples for Photography Brands
How I Grew One Brand’s Organic Reach on Instagram by 1707%

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Mental Health Writing & Essays

mental health • love & relationships • lifestyle

65+ of the Best Ways to Self-Soothe Your Anxiety
ADHD Hacks for Adults: 6 Ways to Wrangle Your Messy House
Are You a Spoonie? If You are, You’re Not Alone.

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