Through countless conversations with my therapists, I discovered the self-soothing practices that help me every day. If psychotherapy isn’t an option for you right now, start here…

If, like me, you clawed yourself a significant distance into adulthood before you learned that your brain isn’t exactly typical, these housekeeping hacks will blow your mind.

If you’re always exhausted, in pain, and dissociated from the world around you, you might be a spoonie. And you’re not alone. Today, I’m almost out of spoons. So here’s a photo of me from Thanksgiving—a “plenty-of-spoons” day. I wanted to infuse my kitchen with GOOD ENERGY, so I wore my handmade apron from 42

Being “dramatic” doesn’t mean you’re not in real pain. Here’s how to process the question, “Am I depressed or just dramatic?”

When I finally got diagnosed with ADHD, my entire outlook changed. But the journey that got me there was full of shame and anxiety.