My divorce is devastating. But I find power in the past. And I embrace a future that promises: yes—there is hope after divorce.

Couples spend exorbitantly to have a “perfect” wedding. But what does that mean, exactly? A wedding photographer looks for answers in this viral Huffington Post editorial. What, precisely, is a “perfect wedding,” anyway? In what has become a quarterly ritual, I submitted a selection of wedding photos to a well-known wedding magazine. They were all weddings

Save time, tears, and money when you nix these wedding myths and throw the party of your dreams. I love weddings. Weddings were the soul of my work as a photographer. But they’re also the foundation of a multi-billion dollar industry rife with questionable traditions and irrational expenses. Before you dive into wedding planning, here

As the days have crept toward June 26th, I’ve been slowly weighted by sadness. This should have been my 11th wedding anniversary—it would have been, but I got divorced earlier this year, and a day that should have been cause for celebration has thumped hot and heavy in my chest where my heart should be. I’ve

“What are you most afraid of?” my friend Mike asked me last year. And without hesitation I answered: “Being misunderstood.” And so it is a startling place in which I now find myself: misunderstood in voice and action at an alarming, uncomfortable rate—by others on occasion, but most often by myself. Shortly after the advent of