August 2, 2021

Create Customer Learning that’s (Actually) Fun, Helpful, & Engaging

This SaaS brand’s customer learning content was buried in their Help files—eek! I leveraged their blog to boost SEO and increase feature awareness.

Whether you’re introducing a new feature or re-introducing a long-loved feature, your blog is a critical piece of the feature awareness puzzle. For this software brand, I developed a series of feature awareness articles that incorporated each tool’s step-by-step adoption process.

Why use a blog for feature awareness and adoption?

Most knowledge bases aren’t designed to be particularly visually appealing. They’re informative, yes; but what happens if you combine the sterile details of a help article with accessible visuals and conversational copy?

I’ll tell you.

Blog posts give your users one-click access to ALL of a product feature’s relevant content, including:

  • help article content
  • social media visuals
  • video tutorials
  • customer testimonials
  • SEO-boosting keywords
  • internal links to related content
  • CTA buttons
  • step-by-step instructions
  • product screenshots
  • this very blog-based portfolio!

If you think of each piece of content as a puzzle piece, you’ll see that your blog is the only place where all of those pieces can come together to form a complete picture for your users.

Your blog posts should complement your help articles

This blog post offered customers a step-by-step visual guide to using one of ShootProof’s most overlooked (but most beneficial) features: the Hide Photo option. I made sure to explore:

  • WHY this feature is valuable both to product users and their own customers
  • HOW to activate and make the most of the feature
  • WHERE to find more details via the Help files

You may be shocked to see your followers react to feature awareness blog posts as if the feature is brand new. Since your customers all learn in different ways, adding educational content to your blog is a great way to reach folks who would never have looked at a help article.

ShootProof blog article on a laptop screen


Your blog posts should GIVE something to your users

This next blog article included a free video download that users could share to empower their own clients. ShootProof white-labeled the video guide for all of their pro photographer users, allowing each user to incorporate the short tour into their own customer accounts. This video-fueled post included:

  • WHO benefits from this free video tour
  • HOW users can deliver the tour to their own clients

Tutorials are awesome, but sometimes customers just want The Thing to be handed to them, ready-to-go. So while the option existed for ShootProof’s customers to make their own video tours, the response to these pre-made tours was much more enthusiastic.

ShootProof blog article seen on a smartphone


Tools used

Unsplash (stock photography)

Adobe Photoshop (image cropping and manipulation)

SEMrush (keyword research) (publishing)

Need high-quality blog articles that enhance customer learning and fuel feature adoption?


Header photo by IAN SCHNEIDER

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