August 11, 2021

MINDD has Made the Best Bra Since No Bra

Hate wearing a bra? Ditch that overpriced underwire. Meet MINDD’s top-selling, wire-free, body-embracing brassieres. 

My women-friends all agree: the worst part about the post-pandemic return to work is having to wear a bra. We didn’t like them before, and we really don’t like them now that our tatas have enjoyed two-plus year blissfully unbound.

Then I found MINDD.

MINDD’s brassiere looks and feels like a woman made it. Cuz she did. 

Other bra companies make claims about comfort and style, but MINDD actually delivers. Their bras hit that just-right sweet spot of forgettability—the “Oh, wow, I forgot I was even wearing a bra” kind of forgettable. 

Here’s why:

MINDD Bra's website homepage

MINDD bras have all the features you actually want.

  • A wide band that hugs your ribcage without pinching, digging, or rolling
  • Cups with just enough stretch to accommodate asymmetry, weight fluctuations, reconstruction, scarring, and augmentation—all with comfortable, flattering results
  • Adjustable straps that don’t twist, pinch, or slip off your shoulders
  • Space for push-up pads or “chicken cutlets” or your emergency $20

They’re so freaking comfy.

MINDD’s bras come in a combination of two style options:

  • deep V or mid V
  • lined or unlined

They’re designed with pockets for breast form inserts in case you want extra coverage or extra cleavage, and the racerback style means the straps are 100% slip-free.

Bonus: the super-soft nylon/spandex fabric supports without compressing. The seven zones of lift work wonders without wires. And since MINDD bras are created for tatas sizes C-F, you know your boobs won’t spill out the sides or bubble over the top of the cups.

Somehow, they’re also super-sexy.

Not quite lace, not quite mesh… They call it “360 Degree Performance Stretch Lace”. I call it magic. The result is a bra you’ll want to show off. Like, “Oops, I forgot my swimsuit! Guess I’ll just swim in my bra!” 

Lounge in it, sleep in it, work out in it—this bra is like if your Fun Friend also had a PhD in something totally pragmatic, like HVAC design or dry cleaning technology.

MINDD Bras shopping website

The impressive size range accommodates most bodies.

MINDD’s bands fit up to 44″, and their cups range from C to F. If you’re thinking, “But I’m just a basic, boring 32B,” you should still give MINDD a try. The construction is so flawlessly inclusive; you’ll love having a bra that adapts to your body’s natural changes throughout each month.

They’re easy to put on and take off. For real.

If you’ve never gotten a pull-on bra stuck halfway between your tits and your chin, have you really lived? 

MINDD’s bras are shockingly easy to tug on over your head—and no, they don’t stretch out. Taking off your MINDD bra is as easy as pulling off a fitted t-shirt.

Have you bought your MINDD bra yet?

As a bra-wearer, I know the challenges of finding the best bra for your body. MINDD is that bra for me! Will it your new favorite?

This is NOT a sponsored post!

Cover photo by Rafaella Mendes Diniz | All other images from the MINDD website

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